Instatraction cross

Installation Guide

Installation Instructions

Steps to install a gripper:

  1. Put a Big Gripper on top of the tire
  2. Feed the strap through the rim, then feed the strap through the ratchet
  3. Ensure there is room between the tire rim and brake caliper so the strap won’t hit and tear. Pull down on the ratchet handle until the gripper is tight and won’t move any further
  4. Slowly drive to get unstuck (No more than 5 mph; Lightly feather the pedal and rock back and forth until you get out)
  5. Once unstuck, remove the strap

Additional tips:

  1. Be careful with low-profile wheels
  2. Don’t put the strap near the tire’s valve stem
  3. Semis, AWD or 4-wheel-drive vehicles can use Big Grippers on all wheels if additional grip is needed
  4. Semis can use Big Grippers over snow chains when significantly stuck
  5. Instatraction grippers are ideal in snow, ice, mud and sand conditions
  6. Big grippers are not for full-time driving, they only get you UNSTUCK! Simply install. Get UNSTUCK.
  7. Remove

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