Icy Roads

Get a Grip on Snow,
Ice and Mud.

Instratraction Gripper

Extreme Traction in Emergency Situations

We are a Canadian company that specializes in the design and manufacturing of innovative traction devices, like the Big and Lil Gripper, and the Get Go Tire Chain.

We carry a line of truck claws for semi-trucks, half tons, SUV’s and cars. Save on the towing bill and get back on the road with Instatraction products.

Save on the towing bill and get out of a jam when stuck in snow, ice or mud. See for yourself below:


Our products have been designed and built to attach and remove quickly and withstand repeat use in rugged conditions. They’re cost-effective too – when comparing to an average towing bill, they often pay for themselves after one use.
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  • I purchased 2 boxes of get-go tire chains approximately one month ago and I have used them twice this fall to get myself moving forward. I haul LCV and Rockies and going forward is the only option that I have to move once the tires spin on ice. My purchase of 8 chains have more than paid for them selves in 2 uses to move forward after breaking traction on ice. Awesome product

    - Glen Ward

  • I purchased a set of big and lil grippers for my 3/4 ton Ram 2500 6.7 diesel 4×4. I Operate oil wells in southeast Saskatchewan, after a snow storm it can be a real challenge to get around the lease roads. My grippers get used very frequently I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve had them on and they’re still going. When the truck stops moving in 4 high I switch to 4 low throw the grippers on. They have saved me countless hours of shovelling or waiting for help, and way better than beating on your truck trying to move every 5 minutes while you wait impatiently for help to arrive.

    - Chris R